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About Us

Our promise is to make your life colourful with a fine collection of fashion bags, aesthetic and great quality home decor products such as dining mats & coasters alongside beautiful craft supplies like wrapping paper.

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The "bagsndecor" website is owned by Sheer Creations Pvt Ltd.


It is the brainchild of three sisters, namely Shilpi Modi, Shelly Roongta, and Shruti Kandoi, who put in a tremendously beautiful effort and time.


For a much clearer insight, let's look into what each of them has to say about how they started this business and what motivated them, resulting in a modern and classy take on age-old products.

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Shilpi Modi

Shilpi Modi says,

"I never loved the brown and ugly paper bags that came in the market; they were of lousy quality and were continuously used in gifting.

That resulted in the idea of me coming up with creating a segment of fashion bags that can be used for various festive occasions such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali and much more.


As it's not confined to them, it can be used for daily purposes and corporate needs."


To which Shelly Roongta adds,

"I have always loved decorating living and dining rooms with vibrant and new designs, but I could never find any luxurious designs which are made with premium material.


So I started this elite range of dining mats and coasters, which lift the spirits and go easy on the eyes as well.


After all it's our home that reflects our true self and is a space of harmony midst all the chaos "

Shelly Roongta
Shruti Kandoi

And in conclusion, Shruti Kandoi quotes,


"I was always fond of gifts and stored wrapping papers in the cupboard.

Yet somehow, I felt that wrapping papers also need innovation since they speak a lot about the present and the person's gift.


That led to our dazzling and exquisite variety of wrapping papers which can be used to gift your dear ones as it shows your affection and effort, which are just as precious as your beloved ones ."

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